Character (Universal), 2022

1 - 18 Character (Universal), 2022, aluminium, 39,95 x 302,4 x 7,2 cm. Ph: Massimo Laurenzi

The sculpture Character (Universal) provides a three-dimensional representation of the turnover figures for Attrezzeria Universal 1972 from various companies with which it collaborated over the course of four years. Silvia Hell created the form by processing the data provided by executive manager Alessio Caramaschi; the names of the twenty-six international companies thus define the layout of the sculpture in alphanumerical order, and the turnover of the company over the four-year period is represented by their height.

The work was the winner of the 50th Premio Suzzara (2018-2022), becoming part of the Prize collection, produced by Attrezzeria Universal 1972 on the basis of a design by the artist.