Lightsourcing, 2020

1, 14, Lightsourcing A 4.1 #4, Lightsourcing A 4.1 #3, 2020, C-print mounted on dibond
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, Lightsourcing A4.1 SK, Lightsourcing A4.1 T2, Lightsourcing A4.1 C1, Lightsourcing A 4.1 #1, installation view, Summer In, FuturDome, Milano, IT, 2020. Ph: Atto Belloli Ardessi
12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, Lightsourcing A 4.1 #5, C-print mounted on dibond; Lightsourcing A 4.2 #1, C-print mounted on dibond, Lightsourcing A4.1 C1, installation view, 15 The Waiting Hall, A+B gallery, Brescia, IT, 2020. Ph: Petrò / Gilberti

Lightsourcing consists of an environmental video installation and a photographic series.

Lightsourcing A4.1 (SK, T2, C1) is an environmental video installation made up of three independent videos projected in asynchronous loops. The deliberately random interaction of the videos with one another creates ever-new matchings between the various images.

Lightsourcing A4.1 SK, 2020
HD video, 10’, loop, variable dimensions
Projected onto multiple walls, the installation includes five clusters representing the coding and three-dimensional rendering of five image search words entered into the Google browser. The words, which over time have become inflated, are: algorithm, bio, green, internet and smart. The iconography concerns twenty indexed images, focusing on the ends of the search, which has a beginning and an end: the first ten indexed words, followed by an interval, together with the last ten, are standardised into units, measuring 1 x 1 pixel, thus each becoming a monochrome image. Starting from this image reduction, the parameters of colour, brightness and saturation define the values and variables to be inserted in a three-dimensional spiral. The shape is defined in a virtual environment by a Cartesian reference system. The diagrams move following a cyclic revolution along their own axis, and the point of view and the framing are orthogonal and lateral. In one shot, there is a progressive movement away from the circular spirals, while the background is characterised by the alternation of basic colours every minute. Through their three-dimensional rendering, the words are remodelled and take shape in the space of the video installation.

Lightsourcing A4.1 T2, 2020
HD video, 1’ 14’’, loop, variable dimensions
This video was created as a pure architectural presence of 1 minute and 14 seconds. It is a ‘counter-projection’ reflecting the entire chain of devices with which it is made, including both the optics of the phone and the mobile projector. The video is a dialogue between these two devices: the phone in mirror mode with the projector films what it projects, in the same point/moment in which is captured. For the projection, the device is rotated and directed towards the farthest corner of the surrounding space, covering various surfaces.

Lightsourcing A4.1 C1, 2020
HD video, 16’ 12’’, loop, variable dimensions
This work brings together video footage taken in two different moments inside the FuturDome apartments, and it was edited in chronological order to be seen in a continuum. A number of gestures and glances at the architecture are filmed, including its lighting and electronic devices. Acts that reflects on the attention to architecture and how the gaze moves on it. The initial gesture as a contact with the surface reveals and verifies its presence by connecting to a second part that invokes the environment in its entirety, with the projectors already active; a stratified presence of multiple, instinctive, attentive looks. The relationship with the space is stimulated and directed at the same time, adhering to and yet replacing the architectural shell.

I (never) explain #74 – Silvia Hell, ATP Diary [ITA]

Horizon Deep, 2022

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 Horizon Deep, installation view, Silvia Hell & Nicola Ratti, Horizon Deep, Galleria Civica Bressanone, Bressanone, IT, 2022. Ph: Jürgen Eheim for Südtiroler Künstlerbund

Horizon Deep
Audio – video installation, variable dimensions, loop
Comprising three videos:
Horizon Deep A, 9’, HD video, colour, stereo sound
Horizon Deep B, 9’1”, HD video, colour, stereo sound
Horizon Deep C, 6’, HD video, colour

Horizon Deep is an environmental audio-video installation and an original site-specific work for the spaces of the Galleria Civica Bressanone with a view to then being installed in other venues, following the similar principle of adaptation to other architecture/settings, taking on various forms each time.

With an evocative impulse, Silvia Hell and musician Nicola Ratti imagine ‘measuring’ Piazza del Duomo in Bressanone by recording the echoes and reverberations generated within it through the use of simple percussion instruments. Like sonar, these sounds allow us to perceive the dimensions, distances and depths of the square itself; the urban landscape thus metaphorically becomes a landscape of the depths of the sea. These sounds, put together in audio tracks by Nicola Ratti, form the acoustic element which is combined with the three video installations created by Silvia Hell from documentaries on biodiversity and bioluminescence in the ocean depths. In her videos, the artist manages to concentrate the light and colours produced by creatures of the abyss, while also carrying out a super-zoom on their bioluminescence. Furthermore, in the videos, footage that Hell shot inside the Galleria Civica di Bressanone appears from time to time, depicting details of the lighting system. The installation venue is thus transformed into a sensory experience, a metaphor for the largely unexplored ecosystem of the ocean depths.

Horizon Deep, 2022
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Horizon Deep, installation view, Silvia Hell & Nicola Ratti, Horizon Deep, Galleria Civica Bressanone, Bressanone, IT, 2022.

Lightsourcing A4.1 SK, 2020
HD video, 10’, loop, environmental size [extract]

Lightsourcing A4.1 T2, 2020
HD video, 1’ 14’’, loop, environmental size [extract]

Lightsourcing A4.1 C1, 2020
HD video, 16’ 12’’, loop, environmental size [extract]